guest post for bu gastronomy blog

the gastronomy program that i’m hoping to graduate from at the end of this year does a fantastic job of working to keep the students working together in our small, food-obsessed community. besides having regular events for the students, friends and family, the gastronomy mla program also has its own blog, featuring posts from students, professors, and graduates from the program.

i’ve been lucky enough to write for this blog before, and i invite you to check out my latest post on some of the beginner’s tricks for food styling and photography. the post includes plenty of links to some of my favorite resources, including blogs, websites, and some great books.

something else pretty wonderful – i’ve been offered a graduate assistantship for this fall, which hopefully means i’ll be doing more work for the gastronomy blog in the future. woohoo!



more reading…

a few more books worth mentioning…

once i began this blog and tried to spread the word among friends and family, the first question i always got (and continue to get) is, “so what did you think of julie and julia?” i’ll be honest – i did enjoy the book. i liked knowing that other people struggle with recipes that they feel they shouldn’t have difficulty with, and i liked watching julie challenge herself to make and try dishes that she never would have otherwise. i did like the movie, although i adore meryl streep so her depiction of julia child was one of my favorite things to see. i’d say – read the book first.

this finally arrived in the mail today…and we’ll see what i think of it. i really hate diets because i love to eat, and i really love wine, but this promises to encourage healthy eating and portions without sacrificing taste (or wine!). the recipes look delicious, and it also has weekly meal plans, information on other diet plans, and even an explanation on how wine can help with weight loss. i’ll have to let you know how this one works out, but i’ll definitely feature any new recipes i find.

i picked this reference guide up in the bargain books section of barnes and noble today, and it looks more impressive than i’d initially thought. the book is divided up into countries and regions, and discusses varieties, top producers, different villages and areas, and recommends wines to try from each winery and region. this book also includes references on wine tasting, reading labels, and matching with various foods to highlight different flavors.

i consistently enjoy this magazine – i always find at least a dozen recipes i want to try, the photography is creative and gorgeous, and they recommend lots of fun local places to check out. the august issue is packed with delicious cocktails, recipe ideas, grilling and barbecue tips, and a yummy-sounding shrimp, mango and avocado salad that i can’t wait to try out.


wanted to post a little reading:

gastronomica – an amazing journal full of brilliantly written articles, discussing everything: culture, top chefs, local cuisines, health, art, fiction, poetry, biographies, photography, and recommended restaurants

the physiology of taste by jean anthelme brillat-savarin – i’m not finished with this yet, but it’s an in depth analysis of taste and the senses, the pleasures of food and eating, and the art of cooking. hopefully i can get through this by the time my classes start…

any other suggestions?